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PVC Post and Rail 3 Rail fencing is the most common of all PVC equine fencing applications available.

It is the most readily available and offers a most economic boundary fence to secure horses.

PVC Post and Rail fence systems are a non containment style fence where if a horse strikes the fence with great force the fence is designed to give way. Given this feature we suggest that an internal electric wire/ braid be added to deter your stock from breaching the fence unless in extreme instances.

We offer a premium Australian made, Quality Australian made and Quality imported options for all fence applications and budgets.

The Premium range is the preferred product of many thoroughbred establishments and deservedly so. This product has been formulated to be the best quality PVC product available. 

 The Quality Australian made product is formulated to be suitable to endure our Australian Conditions and comes with an Australian Manufacturer backed 30yr Limited Warranty. 

PVC is a great option as it will not Rust, it does not rot nor will termites affect it. It also has a superior finish to timber and gal steel.

Where posts or Rails need replacing the parts are readily available, with rails simply being reset into the posts.

Posts can be lifted out and a new post reset.

Sloping country can be accommodated in a variety of ways, We can have posts routed to allow the whole 4.8mt rail to simply rake up the slope, or we can cut the rails in half and step up the slope.manual hand nibblers are also available to notch out the routes on the post to accommodate the rails.

We offer accompanying gates up to 3.5mt single span to suit. 

Rail fences are large items to freight and are often a minimum of 4 pallet spaces. 

When customers live in rural or remote area the best freight option is a back load form one of the major cities.This is often the cheapest freight and we recommend fences are forklift unloaded where possible.