PVC Post and rail – 1 rail

PVC 1-Rail

PVC post and rail fencing in a 1-rail style is a great option when looking to add sighter wire.

This is a recommended style for internal dividing horse paddocks. This fence system offers good security at an affordable price.

Sighter wire options can be any electric braid or PVC coated plain wire, or even PVC wire.
Posts can be routed to suit your application.

PVC 1-rail is set at approximately 1150-1250mm to the top of the top rail. Posts are generally set in concrete with rails added once the concrete has cured. Wires are added thereafter.

We also recommend using an electric wire as a stand off from the posts and can supply insulator clips to complete this application.

Appearance is clean and simple with 1 rail and recommend considering this option for internal divides.

Freight Options

  • Transport and freight quotes are quoted in pallet space pack sizes.
  • Pricing is as an estimate until the fence is packed and sizes confirmed.
  • For temporary arenas allow 4 pallets spaces and permanent arenas being 4- 6 pallet spaces in most cases.
  • Freight cost can be reduced as we regularly deliver arenas to a local transport depot for the customer to collect.
  • If you live in regional or remote areas it is worth while identifying a local freighter that may back load your fence to you from a major center, this usually reduces the freight significantly.
  • Forklift unload are a cheaper option if delivering to site.


Equine Solutions supply quotes for grant submissions. We can update our quotes for you at time of purchase for any pricing adjustments.

Pricing can fluctuate given the raw material costs though this as been relatively stable overt the past few years.

Many pony clubs are also requesting grants for accompanying trailer to carry the portable arenas around on. Ask for the likely dimensions and ideas to assist with the design.

PVC arenas are an affordable asset for pony clubs and individuals and we have good stock levels of arenas available.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in most instances.