PVC Post and rail fencing overview

PVC fencing products are known by many names: vinyl fencing, plastic fencing, plastic post and rail, PVC post and rail.

Our PVC Profiles are made from high quality materials and meet the international standards ASTM D4226 and ASTM F964.

All of our products have UV inhibitors and impact modifiers added to stabilise them for the harsh Australian Sun and its UV.

The team at Equine Solutions Australia offer support with choosing the correct product, measuring the space, after sales service and always have spare items in stock for you.

More Information About Post and Rail Fencing

Through researching many of the quality premium 100% virgin vinyl manufacturers available, we have found suppliers that offer the highest quality PVC, highest UV inhibitors and impact modifier ingredients that withstand the tough Australian UV and weather conditions.

The preference for all fences is the larger, stronger, “Heavy Duty” 152mm x 50mm rail accompanying a larger 127 x 127mm x 3.5mm post. This rail is 35% larger in size over the smaller “lite rail” 140 x 38mm rail systems and offers superior strength and retention. You can also add matching Aluminium gates.

It is a great fencing option for horses and livestock as well as anyone wanting a low maintenance fencing solution.

You can select from a wide range of Post and Rail Fencing configurations and styles. PVC Post and Rail fencing is also suitable for some livestock fencing, property fencing and dog enclosures. Options start from 1 rail (with the option to add wire strands or netting below) through to 4 rail.

PVC Fencing has a superior finish over timber with lustre and clean jointing, is renowned for long lasting appeal, low maintenance, and durability.

Your PVC fence will not rot nor rust, it will never need to be painted nor be eaten out by termites!

Being based in southern Queensland, we can offer affordable freight to rural and remote areas and can supply anywhere in Australia.

Your PVC fence should look as ‘good as new’ years from now without the expense and upkeep required by other conventional fencing materials like timber or steel.

Freight Options

  • Transport and freight quotes are quoted in pallet space pack sizes.
  • Pricing is as an estimate until the fence is packed and sizes confirmed.
  • For temporary arenas allow 4 pallets spaces and permanent arenas being 4- 6 pallet spaces in most cases.
  • Freight cost can be reduced as we regularly deliver arenas to a local transport depot for the customer to collect.
  • If you live in regional or remote areas it is worth while identifying a local freighter that may back load your fence to you from a major center, this usually reduces the freight significantly.
  • Forklift unload are a cheaper option if delivering to site.


Equine Solutions supply quotes for grant submissions. We can update our quotes for you at time of purchase for any pricing adjustments.

Pricing can fluctuate given the raw material costs though this as been relatively stable overt the past few years.

Many pony clubs are also requesting grants for accompanying trailer to carry the portable arenas around on. Ask for the likely dimensions and ideas to assist with the design.

PVC arenas are an affordable asset for pony clubs and individuals and we have good stock levels of arenas available.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in most instances.