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PVC Fencing Queensland.

PVC fencing has truly taken off in Queensland and on the Darling Downs in the past five years.

With residents, developers and councils alike taking to this modern fencing material.

And there is little wonder why, for a small premium price over timber PVC offers a superior finish to timber, It will not rot nor does it ever need painting.

The waffle cell in the privacy panels offers better sound buffeting than steel fence systems and PVC will not rust  where steel and aluminium suffer.

Killarney, Warwick, Allora, Clifton, Goondiwindi, Dalby and Toowoomba all offer beautiful examples of PVC fencing, With style to complement modern architecture and heritage style homes alike.

Gate in accompanying styles are available with fittings systems as standard.

Two of our recent projects were on the Downs with big plans for the new year.

Home owners were delighted in Warwick when we were able to duplicate their ageing timber fence with our PVC Picket fence, Down to the same picket spacing and original fence height, We were able to also locate the gate in a better spot than the original timber gate.

PVC Picket uses a 77 x 22mm picket to match most existing timber picket profiles.

As you can see the finished results surprised and delighted the owners, with years of tolerating the failing timber fence wiring panels and rails back together, Supporting the sagging gate and fixing pickets and the mailbox,  and then sanding and painting the fence periodically, We suggested they give their new fence a seasonal wash and stand back and admire the results







Also another client in Toowoomba wanted a low maintenance Fencing Solution for their yard, We were able to design and create two fence styles to suit. With Superior Jointing and finish to Timber fences, PVC is a great choice for you boundary fences. The Client needed Privacy and airflow an opted for the 1800mm Semi Privacy with matching 1800mm Privacy in the White PVC. The Finish was superb, Clean lines, smooth surfaces and no exposed edges or splinters.

PVC is great value when priced against white timber fences or bespoke Aluminium styles.


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