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PVC Picket Fencing

The modern age of fencing is here!  Equine Solutions has you covered with its range of PVC picket fencing products.

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PVC Picket Fencing has taken the world by storm replacing both Steel and timber fences, With its design, long life and little maintenance all without lacking in strength while also adding value to your property.

Other great perks to joining the world of PVC Picekt fencing are:

UV resistant (30 yr warranty);

No termite damage;

No rotting, rusting;

No painting;

Non-toxic, and environmentally friendly;

Easy installation;

No painting ever required;

Low maintenance;

Styles and Heights 

PVC Picket fencing is form .9mt to 1.8mt high, with panel spans from 1.8mt to 2.4mt. We have several styles available, Level top, Scallop top, taped edge top and rail top.

The 1.8mt panel styles utilise a 100 x 100mm post along with 88 x 50mm rails, while the 2,4mt span options have a larger 127 x 127mm  post and larger 150 x 50mm  bottom rail. Pickets are 77 x 22mm with caps provided for both posts and pickets where applicable.

 We take pride in creating the best looking fence you could have and your fence plan is key to ensuring we can design, fabricate and deliver the fence of your dreams. We cater for most property situations including sloping sites, Pillars and cement surfaces. Matching gates are available and come with all necessary fittings.

Custom Arbors are available and we can create several different styles and sizes.

Looking for both a supply and install?
We have a network of Competent and skilled fencers to service our customers locally within Queensland, including New South Wales, Victoria and throughout Australia.