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Portable Dressage Arena

Our Portable Dressage Arenas suit beginners to professionals, individuals to Pony Clubs. A PVC portable dressage arena is easy to set up, and pack up. PVC rails are pre-cut to length, you simply set the cones out on the ground and place the rails into the cones. Rails and cones are lightweight and durable. All of our Portable Dressage Arena’s are made from white UV stabilised polyethylene and 100% UV treated material making it super tough and durable.  They can withstand most weather conditions and are also highly stable in high wind areas.

 PVC Dressage arenas use 150 x 50mm ribbed rails (not hollow) that are made of 100% UV resistant PVC which adds strength, durability and eliminate sagging.  They are designed for safety and meet EA & FEI specifications. 

Ideal for the Professional or the backyard enthusiast, for Pony Clubs, Horse Riding Clubs and Show Jumping.

We have several stockists around Australia and we will offer a to supply and deliver or assist you locate a suitable installer too.

Generally 60 x 20mt arena sets consist of 38 line, 4 corner cones and 40 rails.

We can also supply 40 x 20mt Cowboy arena sets, spare cones and rails.

Portable Arena Sets are usually 4 pallet spaces in dimension for transport, We ship to anywhere in Australia.

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