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Permanent Arenas

PVC permanent arenas are a fantastic fencing alternative to traditional timber or steel arenas. PVC is not stiff like other products and will flex when touched. Rails are simply replaced by slotting new ones in the posts and posts are easily replaced if damaged unlike steel or timber posts with no welding or carpentry skills needed.

Quality Material

PVC fence products have UV inhibitors and impact modifiers added to stabilse it for our harsh Sun. We offer Australian made or quality imported PVC options to suit your budget. Equine Solutions offers the widest range of Quality PVC in Queensland. We have several different grades of quality PVC fence available, from Premium Australian made, Budget Australian made and Quality imported PVC .These are all Price based and we can build up a suitable product quote for you.

Arena Sizes

PVC Arenas can be made to any size. Dressage Arena’s of 40 x 20mt and 60 x 20mt are most popular and we offer matching PVC or Aluminium gates. 

Finished PVC rail heights can vary with 1150 -1250mm to top of rail being the most common. Rail sizes are optional, with 140-40mm and 150-50mm options available. The 140 x 40mm Rail arenas offer a quality Equine Solution with 150 x 50mm rail option offering slightly greater retention strength. Rails are designed to give out with excessive loads and force.  

Dressage Arena finishes

Plinths of timber and steel are the most suitable materials to use to retain dressings such as sand. PVC arenas can be set inside these plinths. We will provide support to plan your PVC arena during earthworks stages.

Thought and planning earthworks need to be considered where in the process to install the arena posts, Post holes dug after you lay any sands down will draw up soil from the hole. We have several solutions for you to plan the earthworks.