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PVC Privacy Fencing

The modern age of fencing is here! Be it sports field, city, town, rural or on the farm Equine Solutions has you covered with its range of PVC fencing products.

PVC Fencing has taken the world by storm replacing both Steel and timber fences, With its design, long life and little maintenance all without lacking in strength while also adding value to your property.

Other great perks to joining the world of PVC fencing are:

UV resistant (30 yr warranty);

No termite damage;

No rotting, rusting, peeling or blistering;

No painting;

Non-toxic, and environmentally friendly;

Easy installation;

No painting ever required;

Low maintenance;

High fire ignition point (480°C);

100% recyclable;

Here are some examples of the awesome PVC Fencing we have on offer, Custom options are also available for your personal needs.

Looking for both a supply and install?
Based in Brisbane our team of skilled and dedicated fencers, onsite project managers and machinists service We service customers locally within Brisbane,  Queensland and surrounding areas, including New South Wales, Victoria and throughout Australia.

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