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DIY PVC Fencing or Install

PVC fencing is unique in the Australian fencing industry as the fence posts and some rails are pre-routed.

Being pre- routed means some planning must occur prior to purchase to ensure you get the right parts to build your fence.

At Equine Solutions we work with you and the fence plan you provide to ensure we supply the right PVC fencing materials for your job.

This will minimize shortages, wastage, or any design issues that may not function properly when installed.

Equine Solutions offers solutions for sloped ground, level ground, Cement surfaces and other unique situations.

Garrick Maguire has over 7 years experience in PVC Fencing sales and support.

He can assist you with designing, assessing the best product type, all quoting and will oversee the fence fabrication process.


We offer installation support, guides and tips to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

We also have a network of competent fence Installers to assist you if require your fence to be installed and we also liaise with any local persons that you wish to engage in the installation process.

Email or Call Garrick today to discuss your PVC fencing needs.