Equine Solutions Australia.

Equine Solutions Australia is the Leading retailer of PVC/Vinyl Fencing, Dressage Arenas,  Fence gates and Horse Fencing in Australia.


We are proud to announce that Equine Solutions is under new ownership. 

For Queensland’s biggest range of high quality PVC fencing options, fast turnaround times and reliable service – speak to Garrick Maguire today 0455 586 454

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About Us

PVC Fencing Queensland is now the proud new owners of Equine Solutions Australia. Equine Solutions Austrailia is a leading retailer based in Queensland offering premium quality PVC/vinyl fencing, PVC Post and Rail and PVC Horse Arena products. We offer the widest range of Australian Made and quality imported PVC fencing sourced from several suppliers across Australia.

Our fencing products suitable for all your horse and some livestock needs. We also supply Post and Rail, Aluminium framed rail gates, PVC Arenas and PVC portable dressage arenas, and accessories. Our Warranty is Australian based and proven.

Equine Solutions can meet all of your fencing requirements by supplying, arranging delivery and locating an installer if needed for your new PVC horse fence. 

Garrick offers prompt, courteous and informative Service and he will offer you the best PVC fence solution for your application.

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June 26th 2018, We recently ordered our fencing from the new owner,Garrick.We had chased other companies for weeks, just trying to get a quote!
Garrick had us sorted, with an order placed within a day. Communication is A+ . We always knew exactly what was happening and we had our fencing weeks earlier than anticipated.
We couldn’t be happier with the product and the service we received.
We would and will happily be returning for more fencing in the future. I can’t wait to share pics of our completed fence,soon!
Thanks for everything,Garrick
Stephanie and Luke Williams Home Owners

PVC Equine Fencing 

PVC Fencing for Horses and other Livestock: 

PVC Fencing (Post and Rail Horse Fencing) offers a modern look with many added benefits:-

  • Low maintenance;
  • UV resistant
  • No rotting or rusting;
  • Variety of post and rail fencing;
  • Horse & livestock fencing;
  • Environmentally friendly

Portable Dressage Arenas:

  • UV Resistant;
  • 60m x 20m or 40m x 20m;
  • Safe and durable
  • Comply with all the dressage requirement standards;
  • We are able to also supply you with the dressage letters, to go with your new portable dressage arena.

Advantages of using PVC fencing

PVC’s strong, lightweight, durable and versatile characteristics make it ideal for horse fencing and dressage arena solutions.

  1. PVC fencing typically lasts much longer than timber fences and is nearly 5 times stronger than wood.  This means you will be getting more for your money and are investing in something that should last a lifetime.
  2. PVC fencing maintains it’s looks and does not require painting.  White PVC/vinyl is a solid white color throughout the entire depth of the material and therefore does not need to be refinished ever.
  3. PVC fencing does not decompose like wood and is rust free.  PVC fence products are built to last and maintains its condition for years.
  4. PVC fencing is flexible, unlike steel fencing
  5. PVC fencing is very low maintenance.