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Equine Solutions is a supplier of quality PVC horse fencing. We provide a range of styles of Post and Rail Fencing creating a safe and efficient horse, livestock and property fencing. We service customers locally within Brisbane,  Queensland and surrounding areas, including New South Wales, Victoria and throughout Australia.

People are increasingly turning to PVC Fencing for it’s long lasting appeal, its low maintenance, durability, and safety features. PVC fencing is designed not to break leaving dangerous sharp splinters. If your horse or livestock forcefully hits a PVC rail they are designed to flex or pop out of the posts, minimising the risk of injury.

It is a great fencing option for horses and livestock as well as anyone wanting a low maintenance fencing solution. Your PVC fence will not rot, rust or corrode, will never need to be painted, wont peel, blister or be eaten out by termites!  Your PVC fence will look as good as new years from now without the expense and upkeep required by other conventional fencing materials.

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