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A set of 12 Dressage Letters are designed to compliment any Portable Dressage Arena.  The cones are made from PVC making them, stable, durable and designed to withstand windy conditions (you can also peg the letters into the ground if you like).

The appropriate letters and center line letters are painted on at a height that allows them to be seen from a distance.  Cones will not stick together when stacked, and the recessed cup at the top of the tower letters allows you to put a pot plant inside for decoration for your event if you wish.

20m x 60m Letter/Marker Plan


Arena specifications

  • 60m x 20m;
  • 38 line cones;
  • 4 corners cones;
  •  Rails: 40 x 4m long and 15cm x 5cm wide;
  • Cone: base 36cm, height 32cm.

We can also provide a 40m x 20m arena (Cowboy Arena) if you like.

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